Minimed 630G Insulin Pump

Review: Medtronic’s Minimed 630G Insulin Pump

I have used the Minimed 630G Insulin Pump System by Medtronic for the past 30 days. This review is my opinion of the pump, both positive and negative. I have used insulin pumps since I got my first Disetronic H-Tron V-100 in 1994. I got a Minimed 506 pump in 1998 and have been a fan of the Minimed/Medtronic pumps since. Until now. […]

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TellSpec - Know Your Food

Awesome support from @Tellspec – What’s in your food?

Just a quick post to tell what awesome support Tellspec provides. I did not have time to really get into the scanner today, but Tellspec responded to the items in my last post to help me get more accurate scans, and let me know which items they are still working on. When I get direct responses from CEO Isabel Hoffmann, and […]

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First impressions with the @TellSpec scanner

It has arrived! I unpacked my TellSpec scanner this evening, and my general notes and first experience follows. First, the scanner is smaller than I expected. It looks fairly large in photos on the TellSpec website, but I am pleasantly surprised at how slim it is. The beta unit is 9cm (L) x 6cm (W) x 4.5cm (H) – roughly 3.5 […]

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Internet Troll

Genius or Troll: Educated Ignorance

My last two posts have drawn the ire of a supposed Mensan. After my first post, he labeled me a “conspiracy nut” and after the second post he called me arrogant over my evaluation of the situation in Ukraine. He is “offended” because he is (supposedly) a Mensan and my post made reference to people who were educated but ignorant. I wasn’t […]

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A Right Not To Be Offended?

I heard Dave Ross talking about gun violence victims that say they felt disrespected at a Washington State legislative hearing on I-594. The offense is about comments regarding if I-594 would have prevented several shootings, and some further comments about gender not being a major issue in gun control. I am curious why people who live in a society with a First […]

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He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else

I would like to start by apologizing for offending those who will read this post and be offended. I already know who you are, and quite honestly, I am not sorry that you will be offended by this post. I would like to say that I am speaking from righteous indignation. Truth is, I am speaking from being tired and having […]

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