TellSpec - Know Your Food

@TellSpec scanner and iPhone app are here

It has been a long, hard road for TellSpec in getting their food scanner into the market. A series of setbacks with their scanner chip, firmware issues with the Bluetooth, and some bad press from Pando. I have followed the story from both sides, and I can say that I have not put many serious brain cells into worrying about what […]

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Why I invested in TellSpec (What’s in your food?)

I came across TellSpec not long ago on Facebook. After looking into the company, I invested in the company by way of indigogo. I began recommending TellSpec to my friends, and I started to be questioned on “why such a supporter of TellSpec?” Since then, I have spent some time communicating with the founder and CEO of TellSpec, Isabel Hoffmann. She is pretty amazing, having started 8 companies […]

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Can you trust a food label?

A friend of mine, Kaymann Woo, got me to looking at food labels (more specifically, beverage labels) by pointing out that his fruit drink had no fruit in it. I began looking at what I drank more closely, as I was trying to lose weight and was trying to drop “unnatural” things from my diet. I found that my favorite […]

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GMOs and food additives: food for man, or devil in disguise?

I have to admit, I hate the GMO argument. It is too biased for real life. As Stewart Lyman says in his article on the recent GMO labeling debate, “neither side seems interested in discussing the scientific issues involved.” It is also interesting to me that the food additive issue gets discussed, but the information is not overly scientific either. I admit […]

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