Fire tragedy in Odessa Ukraine

Ukraine Tragedy – Odessa Children Die In Fire While Government Points Fingers

Tragedy takes lives of 3 children My original post today was tobe on another subject. I will discuss a tragedy in Odesssa, Ukraine instead. This tragedy is barely mentioned in western media. Three children at a state (government) camp died in a fire. The Ukrainian government is already pointing fingers to avoid responsibility. Ukraine’s own media does not report on this […]

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Afrezza – One Diabetics Rocky Road to Better Control

In my last post, I talked about what Afrezza is, my Type 1 diabetes background, and what Afrezza has done for me in a very short time. My trip to using Afrezza was a rocky road, however. I had done plenty of research on inhaled insulin, other’s experience with Afrezza (and Tresiba, which I now use for my basal insulin, […]

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Afrezza – a Trip to a Healthier Diabetic

What is Afrezza? In short, it is an inhaled insulin created by MannKind Corporation, based on Technosphere technology, and until recently, marketed and distributed by Sanofi. If you want the short story and some rumors surrounding the breakup of Sanofi and MannKind, The Motley Fool has some tidbits you can read. What I will say about Afrezza, is it has greatly […]

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Republican caucus

Broken Minnesota Republican Caucus Process

I am taking a brief break from health and nutrition issues for a comment on the broken Republican caucus process, and how embarrassing it is to have a new immigrant see how the Republican caucus process was run in Minnesota tonight. The following is the reason we need to clean out the politicians who have broken our government, and pick a man […]

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Ukraine is at it Again

Interesting. Ukraine’s president has announced that the UAE will sell defensive weapons to Ukraine. Problem is, Poroshenko seems “mistaken” about the deal, where the UAE says no arms sales will be considered. Poroshenko seems determined to stage his own propaganda in his country. Watching Ukrainian news a couple of nights ago, he announced that the US would conduct NATO exercises in Ukraine this […]

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Ukraine: Victory Day Blemished

May 9 is Victory Day in the former Soviet states. It is the day that Hitler’s forces surrendered to the Soviet Union in 1945. The day is celebrated by Russia and the former Soviet states, since 1946. It is the greatest patriotic holiday in their culture, and WW2 veterans receive great honoron this day. As a side note, I also first met my Eastern […]

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Ukraine: Why The East Will Not Disarm

It is interesting to see Russia and the US trading barbs over the failure of the “Geneva accord.” Far too often I see statements in the US media that “Russia agreed to disarm the pro-Russian separatists” and how they have failed to do so. What remains largely unsaid is that the agreement covered the pro-Russian separatists, the Kyiv government, and […]

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