And they shall become one flesh

One of the things that God brought to my mind while I was hospitalized was Genesis 2:24. He gave me a new understanding of “becoming one flesh”.

What does being “one flesh” mean? Basically it means that a man and woman that God puts together are meant to live in union with each other. They should live in harmony, intimacy, and support of one another. Now I don’t know how well I do that, but my wife has that down pat (yes, I am boasting about what a lucky guy I am).

During the times I was hospitalized, my wife was beside me at all possible times. Although we had a considerable amount of company at our home each and every time, she got up and went to work, stopped by the house for a quick bite to eat, shopped, cooked, and then proceeded to the hospital. Even though I was a) drugged on narcotics and sleeping, or b) not the most pleasant person in the world, she was there each day until she couldn’t stay awake anymore. Only then would she return home to sleep, and prepare to do it all over again.

Even when I was home between hospital stays, she went beyond what most people ever endure. There were times I passed out and she lugged my 200+ pound body back to bed (or to the hospital), times I made a mess (all over me and/or the house), and when I was awake she listend to my complaining and whining.

She stood so firmly beside me, strong and brave, until the ordeal was over and I was finally diagnosed. It was only at that time she gave in to her fears of being left alone in a strange country. She exemplified being reverent, self controlled, busy and loving of her family (Titus 2:3-5).

God left no doubt in my mind that she is my lifemate, that I am lucky, and that I recieve favor from my Lord Jesus as a result (Proverbs 18:22).


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