Violent Protesters in Ukraine

D.C. In Flames: Obama Hires Thugs to Shoot Federal Police

Dateline: Washington D.C.

Over the past 12 weeks, peaceful protesters have gathered in Washington D.C. to protest against President Obama signing a free trade agreement with Canada, and for refusing to sign a free trade agreement with Iran. Obama has hired an armed group of guerrillas from a Colombian drug cartel to pretend they are protesters. Their assigned job is to attack, beat, and fire upon the National Guard troops Obama deployed to protect Federal buildings from the fires and destruction the guerrillas have been hired to commit. Senator McCain calls for Obama to treat the guerrillas respectfully, and not cause them any harm through these illegal activities being run by Vladimir Putin.

Sound ludicrous?

This is exactly what the “peaceful protesters” in Ukraine are claiming about their government, with the support of the EU and United States. These “peaceful protesters” are shooting at, beating, and killing, “Berkut” (Riot Police) that are deployed (unarmed) to protect the federal buildings in Kyiv. These “peaceful protesters” have taken the mayor of a Western Ukrainian town and handcuffed him outdoors in sub-zero weather, and doused him with water, and left him to freeze to death. They have violently captured police departments and confiscated the weapons.

Do we in the USA ever see the violence perpetrated by these “peaceful protesters?” Instead, we see a slant in our news towards blaming the President of Ukraine’s administration. We see Senator John McCain calling for sanctions against the Ukrainian government and accusations against Russian President Putin.

How did Putin get blamed in the West’s news? He is the one politician who has stayed out of the fray. Yes, he has offered help to Ukraine “if they ask for it,” but otherwise has remained neutral and called for peaceful negotiations. Yet our news continues to vilify him.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla) has said “Ukrainians have made clear that they want the opportunity to be governed free of corruption and Russian pressure. Ukraine’s future lies in Europe, not Vladimir Putin’s Russia. America stands with those who seek freedom even at great risk to their own security.”

Has anyone actually spoken to people in Ukraine? (I have) There are people on both sides of this issue, but a majority (roughly 70%) are on the government’s side, while the opposition is divided, hires people to protest for their “democratic call,” while avoiding the democratic process of impeachment and/or waiting for elections to elect new leaders in preference of violence and destruction.

Has anyone actually looked at who is causing the violence? Who is doing the shooting? Who is taking over Federal buildings? Who is burning buildings full of women and children?

Yes – “peaceful protesters” from “Western Ukraine” (roughly 1/3 of Ukraine or 1/4 the population).

I admit there are many peaceful protesters looking for tighter relations with the European Union. They want a better Ukraine. But the way is through the democratic process they so desperately seek. Wait for new elections, and pick new leaders.

Unfortunately, the opposition leaders who want to take control of the government are hiring violent protesters to further their “democracy.” Ukraine’s government has avoided anything more than rubber bullets, percussion grenades, and water canons to date – while the opposition has called for, and paid 200 UAH (Ukrainian dollars) a day for protesters to commit killings, beatings, and destruction of the capital (Yes, I know a couple).

Read the agreements (EU and Russian) that people are upset about. You will see that the EU agreement is for the EU, and is not for the current betterment of Ukraine. The Russian agreement is not ideal for Ukraine, but it saves Ukraine from bankruptcy, and is the best deal for them at this time. Agreed, Putin told them to “pick one” (either relations with Russia or EU).

View both sides on YouTube, read news reports and blogs on both sides, and discount the propaganda from Western news and the US Government. The US is not interested in democracy in Ukraine – they are only interested in destabilizing Russia. Most important THINK for yourself.

What would the US do if these things happened in Washington D.C.?

You decide who the hypocrites are.

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