Community Viewpoints: Dare to Achieve Good Health

This blog post is part of the Community Viewpoint series. In this post, I will be discussing the overview of an Achieve program my wife has developed to help patients achieve good health.

She is using this program with patients at her clinic to help them achieve good health.

Her patients are diabetics, smoking cessation, and weight loss patients. I will only discuss the diabetes program her.

She sees them every couple of weeks and teaches then the things doctors offices need to teaching diabetics: what are carbohydrates, calories, how to watch what is being eaten, how to check their blood sugars, and all the other basics of diabetes care.

It is amazing how few diabetics are taught these basics when they are diagnosed. Even the concepts of how insulin acts on blood glucose are missing.

Things need to change. These basics, as I discussed in Basic Diabetes Education, must be taught to newly diagnosed diabetics. In many cases, even the general practitioners are not aware of the basics to achieve good diabetic health.

Many general practitioners have interests in medicine, but diabetes is not covered well in their schools. Sometimes the new managed healthcare medical centers simply want them to see too many patients in too short of appointments.

Dare To Achieve Good Health

What I want to say to diabetics is to dare to achieve good health. Dare to find out about available drugs, treatments, and options for your own care. Research your disease, what you can change in your own life, and ask questions of your healthcare providers. If they cannot answer your questions, ask them who can.

Using these techniques, you can find the best care that you can get, from yourself. In this day and age, you are your own best care advocate. You are your best healthcare provider.

I dare you to achieve good health.

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