Does Denomination Matter?

I have to address this before we get too far down the road. People often ask things such as “what denomination are you?” or “are you equally yoked?”. My denomination is Christian. My wife’s denomination is Chrisitan. Yes, we are equally yoked.

In the early church, there was no denomination. Christians were Christians. If you look at the splits in Christian organizations, from the very first one, they have all been over a disagreement on interpretation of scripture. Every spit in a church rests on interpretation of scripture. Every belief in Christian faith that disagrees with another, hinges on interpretation of scripture.

What we as Christians need to remember is that all those that call on the name of Christ are Christians (Acts 2:21).

I have often heard protestants say “our cross is empty, because we know Jesus was raised from the dead. Look at the Catholics, their Jesus is still dead”. But if you understand the beliefs of the Catholics, you will understand that Jesus is on the Catholic cross as a rememberance that Jesus died for our sins. Some churches believe in being vegetarians, some believe in Saturday Sabbath, some believe in dressing up for Church, some believe in “come as you are”. Is one church “The” church, with “The” correct beliefs?

I hate to say it, but “no”, there is no “perfect” Church or Denomination (1 Corinthians 1:11-13).

People have different personalities and relate to things differently. People have a natural need to “be right”. People have a natural need to point out other’s faults while ignoring their own. All I can do is point to Romans 15:5 and encourage people to look past their Christian beliefs and try to understand the beliefs of other Christian faiths. In this, you can see how we are the same.

If you disagree with my views, so be it. I will hang onto Matthew 5:19 and Matthew 11:11. I’ll hang out with John the Baptist and the other “leasts”.

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