First impressions with the @TellSpec scanner

It has arrived!

I unpacked my TellSpec scanner this evening, and my general notes and first experience follows.

First, the scanner is smaller than I expected. It looks fairly large in photos on the TellSpec website, but I am pleasantly surprised at how slim it is. The beta unit is 9cm (L) x 6cm (W) x 4.5cm (H) – roughly 3.5 inches x 2.4 inches x 1.8 inch
es. Roughly 1/2 the size (length and width) of an iPhone 6, and 1/3 the size of an iPhone 6s. I am running it with my iPhone 6s+ with iOS 9.2.1.

The scanner does not look like the picture on TellSpec’s website, I like the look better. My description is described with it sitting on the table with the TellSpeIMG_0237c logo situated so it can be read right-side up. It has a more square look, a mini-USB port and power switch on the
near end, the scan button on the top, and the scanner window on the left side.

There were no instructions included in the box (it is a beta, after all) but it is a relative no-brainer to set up. I did have an issue pairing the device to my iPhone, but that was due to my installing and using the app a few days before I received the scanner, and I did not close the app out. A quick note from Isabel Hoffmann from overseas (at 1am her time) resolved the problem. I closed the app, restarted thIMG_0245e scanner, and then re-opened the app. I did have to press and hold the scan button to get pairing to work, which illuminated a blue light. I am not sure if this is the procedure or not, but it worked.

At first try, I got very inaccurate results. But I noticed that holding the scanner the way I was did not direct the beam where I wanted it on the food.

I re-adjusted my grip, and got better results, with more accurate readings. Food scans got better results from Tellspec-o-pedia, but I did not really look into the accuracy of things other than carbohydrate, fat, and protein levels. I compared against MyFitnessPal listings. The scans and their accuracy, the application, and the application are another post.

Cool device, and will update again after I play with it a bit.




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