Is God lost?

I have had several emails lately, asking me “what happened to God” in my posts. With a blog title that so prominently refers to Him, it seems people believe I have lost sight of the Almighty in what I write.I can assure you… God is still on the throne.Those who know me spiritually know that I am a relatively tolerance based moderate. Jesus tolerated much more than he went around turning over tables, to show all people how He expected them to live. Believe me, God Himself tolerates much more than even I do.

This article is not about tolerance, but tolerance is exactly why I do not constantly blast The Word of God throughout each post I write. Pastor Mark Driscoll, of the Mars Hill Church in Seattle, wrote a great article on tolerance for those who want to know more.

If people saw my draft folder here on my blog site, they would see countless draft topics for articles. This is because God speaks to me about many things, and if I do not write them down I will never return to them. I always prayerfully consider if it is a subject that He is asking me to write before I write on it. Many of the ideas are for me to study, or that lead to other things.

For example, there is a draft in my folder on God’s unconditional love and dogs. I love speaking on this subject, and have done so at many churches. Over the past two years, it just has not been the proper time to write on this subject. It is not that I do not believe in the message; rather it is that He gives me so many other messages that have priority.

That does not mean, however, that I always write the subjects He wants me to. As a loving God, He allows me the freedom to sometimes wander and write on subjects that resulted from my thinking about subjects He has given me, but are not quite His point in the idea. I am human, after all.

I wrote on one of my investments not too long ago. I am pretty sure God did not expect me to write on the company, but He allowed me the freedom to write about something I am passionate about and related to His thoughts about the health of the people of the world.

Do not worry. God is still in control.


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