Jesus: The Romantic

Exactly 4 years ago today, the good Lord introduced me to my wife.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have been struggling with composing the perfect blog entry for today, honoring my wife and glorifying God. I have pondered a long timeline from when she was a youngster and her mother (a powerful and well connected communist leader) could not find an Italian language teacher and opted for English instead, all the way to the night that a phone call to one person was errantly routed to a sleepy English professor in Ukraine at 2am her time.

I have recalled the job posting she wanted to respond to that suddenly blew away, leaving her only one other posting that ultimately led to a job that set the stage for our errant phone call, and the numerous times He has shown His hand and intervened to ensure our being together afterwards.

I struggled with not knowing how to pull all these situations together into a cohesive story of how God intervenes in our lives to bring people together, until Jesus showed up on this 4th anniversary of His introduction of two people He meant for each other.

We went out for a wonderful anniversary dinner last night, since our daughter was gone for the evening. When we returned home, I placed an order for a few items from AmazonFresh for delivery in the wee hours before we woke, and then we retired for the night. At 5:30am I found our order sitting on our porch where it belonged. But wait… there was an unusually light bin for what I ordered. Upon opening it, what did I find?

A beautiful bouquet of flowers, and a single deep red rose.

Despite knowing what happened, I checked with AmazonFresh. They had no reports of missing orders, no record of a missing delivery bin, and no record of any flower orders into our area for the day.

We knew the simple truth from our experiences… Jesus is simply a romantic.

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