No time for God

As I notice that a month has passed without actually updating my blog with the many thoughts of God that flow through my head, I realized that this is something most people do. The things of the world take higher precedence than our creator. Why is that?

Granted, God doesn’t know what pressures we have on a daily basis. Nor does He understand the time pressures we are under. And I am sure he doesn’t understand that it takes time to keep up with what all my friends on Facebook are doing, nor how important getting a 9 year old to dance lessons is…

I really think this is what we often think about God. We neglect to think of the fact that He always has time for us, and He knows all our struggles. When we are too busy, too stressed, or too overburdened with troubles, God simply asks us to call out to him and He will listen and deliver us (Psalm 34:15-17). Our rest is in Him (Matthew 11:28) – all we have to do is put ourselves in Jesus’ care, and our burdens will be lifted.

Does that mean all our troubles will go away, and our time issues disappear? Not at all. It simply means that we get a chance to stop and get guidance from the creator of the universerse. We get time to hear the Holy Spirit, and time to focus on what is truly urgent in life.

This is also the meaning behind “On the seventh day he rested“, and “Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy“. We need time to rest and focus our lives. Time to be with Jesus. Time to heal. Many Christians will say those quotes refer to the “Sabbath Day”, and that the Sabbath was only for the Jewish. Although modern Christians do celebrate God on other days, the principle behind it still applies… take time to rest, focus on God, and He will help you focus your life.

Take a moment and be with Him today.

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