Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) Graph

Continuous Glucose Monitor: Dexcom vs Medtronic

I have used the Medtronic 530G insulin pump with Enlite CGM sensors for 3 years. I recently tried the Dexcom G4 Platinum continuous glucose monitor for a week. There are things I like about both, and things I dislike about both continuous glucose monitors. I will not get into technical differences, just observations. Full disclosure: I have used an insulin pump since […]

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Afrezza – One Diabetics Rocky Road to Better Control

In my last post, I talked about what Afrezza is, my Type 1 diabetes background, and what Afrezza has done for me in a very short time. My trip to using Afrezza was a rocky road, however. I had done plenty of research on inhaled insulin, other’s experience with Afrezza (and Tresiba, which I now use for my basal insulin, […]

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Afrezza – a Trip to a Healthier Diabetic

What is Afrezza? In short, it is an inhaled insulin created by MannKind Corporation, based on Technosphere technology, and until recently, marketed and distributed by Sanofi. If you want the short story and some rumors surrounding the breakup of Sanofi and MannKind, The Motley Fool has some tidbits you can read. What I will say about Afrezza, is it has greatly […]

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Know Your Food with the Tellspec Scanner

I have used the Tellspec scanner a lot lately, and have had followers ask why I have only posted on the hardware, and not the food scans. The reason is that though the scanner is a solid beta quality product, the food database and iOS application are still a work in progress. Tellspec has not claimed anything but, so we […]

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Republican caucus

Broken Minnesota Republican Caucus Process

I am taking a brief break from health and nutrition issues for a comment on the broken Republican caucus process, and how embarrassing it is to have a new immigrant see how the Republican caucus process was run in Minnesota tonight. The following is the reason we need to clean out the politicians who have broken our government, and pick a man […]

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Using Tellspecopedia for Food Information

I used Tellspecopedia from Tellspec, today to confirm some information I saw posted by @TheFoodBabe. I almost felt “at one” with her arch nemesis, @FoodBabeExposed, who is a mad scientist of sorts. I do like eating healthy, most of the time. But I at least acknowledge when I am eating bad stuff. The thing that really bugs me is these “health food mavens” who pass […]

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Birthday Dinner with the Tellspec Scanner

I went to dinner with my wife, for my birthday, this afternoon (she had to work at 6pm). I took my new companion, the Tellspec scanner, with me to see what was in my food. I have myself on a 1300 calorie a day diet, after all. We will have to chalk this one up to a “birthday splurge,” since the […]

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A Week With a Tellspec Scanner

I have now spent a week with the beta Tellspec scanner, and the Tellspec iPhone application. From my earlier posts on the scanner, you likely know I had some setup questions, and scanning questions. I had several conversations with the Tellspec team, and finally opened the scanner manual they had sent me a couple of days before the scanner arrived. […]

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TellSpec - Know Your Food

Awesome support from @Tellspec – What’s in your food?

Just a quick post to tell what awesome support Tellspec provides. I did not have time to really get into the scanner today, but Tellspec responded to the items in my last post to help me get more accurate scans, and let me know which items they are still working on. When I get direct responses from CEO Isabel Hoffmann, and […]

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First impressions with the @TellSpec scanner

It has arrived! I unpacked my TellSpec scanner this evening, and my general notes and first experience follows. First, the scanner is smaller than I expected. It looks fairly large in photos on the TellSpec website, but I am pleasantly surprised at how slim it is. The beta unit is 9cm (L) x 6cm (W) x 4.5cm (H) – roughly 3.5 […]

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