Technical Writing Portfolio Samples and Links

This page contains information about my writing background, and links to examples of my documentation. These links are only to publicly available documentation. Anything I have written that is proprietary is not available.

Documents written while employed by Microsoft

User GuideBSP for Windows Embedded Compact 7 а также 2013 for Intelwritten while at MS for Intel

Boot Sequence for the Sample Virtual DeviceCompact 13 and related links

Develop with a Virtual CEPCCompact 7 and related links

Implement System Power StatesCompact 7 а также Implement System Power StatesCompact 2013 and related links

Power Management ArchitectureCompact 7 and related links

BSP ComponentsCompact 7 and related links

BSP DevelopmentCompact 7 and related links

Port a BSP from Compact 7 to CE 2013

Snapshot Boot Development а также Snapshot Boot ReferenceCompact 2013 and related links

BSP Boot Loader Frameworks Compact 2013

Device Driver ArchitectureCompact 2013 and related links

Device Driver Development and related links

Compact Test Kit OverviewCompact 2013 and related links

Bringing Up a Hardware PlatformCE 6.0 and related links

Extended FAT File SystemCE 6.0

OEM Parameter Definition with exFATCE 6.0

Transaction Safe Extended FAT File SystemCE 6.0 and related links

Binary Rom Image File System (binFS)CE 6.0 and related links

Windows Embedded CTK User’s GuideCompact 7 – PDF download

ARM Processor BSPsCompact 2013 and related links

Board Support Package (BSP)Compact 2013 and related links

Authentication Services Functions Compact 2013 API documentation

Authentication Services StructuresCompact 2013 API Structure documentation

Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact Cryptographic Primitives Library Security Policy Documentpublished as NIST Certificate 1989

Microsoft Windows CE and Windows Mobile Enhanced Cryptographic Providerpublished as NIST Certificate 825


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Klimova Translations Article


Contributions to The MacSouter’s BigA Scout is ReverentResource Book, including Summaries of Some of the Worlds Religions (and see Acknowledgements)