#SochiDogs – Biological Trash or a Western World View

I am a dog lover. I have never been able to live without a canine companion by my side. As such, I had interest when I ran across Chris Hall’s article “Our Message to Sochi: Dogs Are Not Biological Trash” about the Twitter hashtag #SochiDogs. As I read the article, and the linked articles, the thought that came to mind […]

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Merry Christmas, Buon Natale & С Рождеством: A multicultural Christmas wish for you and yours

I live in a multi-cultural family. We celebrate Christmas today, and on January 7. This gives me plenty of time to reflect on the differences between Western and Orthodox celebrations of day of the birth of Jesus Christ. I remember Christmas of my youth being filled with presents (US views), Christmas Eve mass and lots of spaghetti cooked by my […]

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Христос Воскiрес! Musings for Easter

Христос Воскiрес! Христос Воскiрес! (Khrystos Voskres – Chris is Risen). This is the greeting you will get the entire week of Easter in Ukraine, and the response you hear is Воiстину Воскрес! (Voistynu Voskres! Indeed, He is risen!). This will be followed by 3 kisses to the cheeks, one each for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You will actually […]

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