Ukraine: More Unseen Ultra-Nationalists

I wanted to give some more “ultra-nationalist” news on Ukraine, as ignored by US news media and reported by the Russian news media, before the Crimean referendum vote in a few hours. Mainly because I believe there will be lots of extra fodder in the propaganda and far-right arena after Crimea votes to join Russia.

I want to go back to the “Right Sector” (Pravyi Sektor) and “Svoboda,” since Svoboda is a major player in the new Ukrainian government, and the Right Sector is a spinoff group of Svoboda. Note that there are several other far right groups now operating in Ukraine as well.

Here is a video from this last fall, where the Right Sector is holding a rally at a secondary school in Kyiv. This was shortly before the Maidan protests started in November. At about 0:20, the children are encouraged to shout “kill Russians!” When the kids start jumping up and down, they had just been told that anyone who did not jump, shouting “kill Russians,” was a Russian. Notice the red and black flags – the flag of the Right Sector.

The right-wing people in Ukraine are sometimes called harmless, and sometimes dangerous. What I do know is that they exist, and these armed gunmen are causing great fear in Ukrainians – especially Russian heritage/speaking Ukrainians. They show up in meetings more often than people believe, and they force people to join their party under threats of violence and “punishment.” They are already well-known for their antics during the Maidan protests, which participation was greatly under-reported in the US media.

At the current time in Kyiv, the new government is blaming Russia for attacks done by the Right Sector. They have also enlisted many of the Right Sector (and other) groups as a “National Guard” to protect people. The motives of this are questionable. Right Sector tried to rob a bank, and the men were not arrested. The assistant to the Attorney General of Ukraine is caught on video whispering to the AG “not to worry,” and that the 38 men are now part of the National Guard and would not be arrested.

Now both the Svoboda leader is running for president of Ukraine, and the Right Sector leader is running for president.

What do I suspect will happen moving forward? I think we will see an attack against a Ukrainian military stronghold that is blamed on the Russians, in an attempt to start a war and draw in the US military.

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