Ukraine: More Western Hypocrisy

The propaganda machine is running at full speed on Ukraine, and I am not speaking about Russia. I just read this story about how “Russia is quick to bend the truth about Ukraine,” and what came to mind is how quick the US and EU are to bend the truth as well.

For instance, this article says that “100 soldiers in unmarked green uniforms, bearing no insignia but carrying professional infantry 17UKRAINE2-superJumboequipment, guarded the vehicles.” Yet, when you look at the picture you see about 6 men with a total of about 3 AK-47’s.

The vehicles were supposedly “abandoned to militant separatists.” Yet this article says that the Ukrainian forces decided to switch sides. The story you get depends greatly on if you listen to Ukraine (greatly unreliable) or Russia, the EU, or the United States (all somewhat unreliable).

The CNN article says 30 armed men took over the mayor’s office in Donetsk, yet CNN reporters have been inside the building and not seen any weapons.

The UN, based on 2 missions to Ukraine, determined “there were some attacks against the ethnic Russian community, these were neither systematic nor widespread.” Take a walk in an Eastern or Southern city and it is likely you will be stopped by what was called the “Right Sector” and is now called the “National Guard.” They will ask questions, and if not responded to in Ukrainian they will beat or arrest the person. (Verified by multiple persons on the ground in multiple Eastern cities).

We also keep hearing about the upcoming “fair and democratic elections” on May 25. Has anyone noticed that candidates that are pro-Russian are being eliminated from the elections by the Ukrainian “interim” government? This is what they did to MP’s who were Eastern Ukrainian too.

This article says that Tsarev, an Eastern Ukrainian, is a radical and was beaten for supposedly making separatist comments on TV. I watched him on TV that day, and his comments were unity oriented, but called for recognition of the Russian speakers. The crowd that beat him said they did it because “by running for President, he shows he supports the interim government. His beating came because Easterners consider the elections illegal, and by running for president he is supporting the “interim” government. He was then arrested by the National Guard (Right Sector), taken to SBU, stripped of his office of Minister of Parliament, and arrested. This is, by the way, illegal according to the Ukrainian constitution – MP’s are immune to arrest.

Tyhypko and Dobkin, also pro-Russian candidates, were also attacked by the Eastern Ukrainians for supporting the illegal elections called by the “illegal government.”

Churkin said it best when he was speaking to the UN: “You have set a good example for Eastern Ukraine.” He was referring to the UN/US/EU allowing the toppling of a democratically elected government by violent force, calling it “peaceful protests,” and the setting up of a puppet government for the West. This is exactly what is happening in Eastern Ukraine, and it is now being called “terrorist activities against the government.”

We in the West are a bunch of hypocrites.

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