Fire tragedy in Odessa Ukraine

Ukraine Tragedy – Odessa Children Die In Fire While Government Points Fingers

Tragedy takes lives of 3 children

My original post today was toNo mention of fire tragedy in Ukrainebe on another subject. I will discuss a tragedy in Odesssa, Ukraine instead. This tragedy is barely mentioned in western media. Three children at a state (government) camp died in a fire. The Ukrainian government is already pointing fingers to avoid responsibility. Ukraine’s own media does not report on this tragedy at all.

Reporting by eastern media gives more details, while US reporting has no mentions at all.

Is US government interests less about democracy in Ukraine, and more about keeping Americans thinking Ukraine’s new government is wonderful?

Substandard Fire Safety

Why is it that such a tragedy can happen and go unreported. By US standards, Ukraine’s safety is very inadequate. Firefighters report only 1 fire extinguisher was available. As a result, nobody could get to it in the burning building. The other extinguisher holders were empty.

Firefighters had to travel 1.2 km (about 1/2 mile) to get water, since the fire hydrant did not have pressure. No water was available closer. I watched video of the firefighters trying to extinguish the blaze. The water barely squirted out of the hoses.

The government camp was new and had opened in May of 2017. The camp had continual electrical problems according to reports.  To avoid electrical shocks, children were told to wear rubber flip-flops.

The camp had fire alarms in all the buildings at one point. However, the contract was cancelled so no monitoring was done at the time of this tragedy.

Ukraine government finger pointing

The Ukrainian government is doing what it usually does. It is pointing fingers.

Though this is a “State” (government) facility, they are holding the director of the camp responsible. A director is usually appointed by the local government. As a result, (s)he has to live with the facilities given to them. Furthermore, the director is always the scapegoat for Ukrainian issues at any government owned or run facilities.

The mayor of Odessa says that there were functioning fire alarms in all buildings. But, the head of the Federal State Dispatch Service said the alarms were “non-functional”  and did not sound. Probably because the monitoring contract had been cancelled.

President Metro Poroshenko visited the camp when it opened in May. Most of all, he called the camp “exemplary” and “fantastic.”

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