Ukraine: Why The East Will Not Disarm

It is interesting to see Russia and the US trading barbs over the failure of the “Geneva accord.” Far too often I see statements in the US media that “Russia agreed to disarm the pro-Russian separatists” and how they have failed to do so. What remains largely unsaid is that the agreement covered the pro-Russian separatists, the Kyiv government, and the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists.

The East of Ukraine is afraid to disarm. The acting government seized buildings just like the pro-Russian side did. They armed themselves, like the pro-Russian side did. In their eyes, this action is no different from that taken by the current government in Kyiv.

Nobody mentions the ultra-nationalists who keep saying they have no involvement in any of the killings and beatings going on in Eastern Ukraine. Their antics are attributed to the pro-Russian “separatists” by the Ukrainian government. Why? Maybe because the ultra-nationalists (Right Sector) are heavily represented in the Kyiv government in the form of the Svoboda party, as well as their leader (Dmitri Yarosh) being a presidential candidate.

I have no more to say about the situation except to translate the text from this video showing the murder of a police officer who refused to arrest unarmed pro-Russian demonstrators in Donetsk:

“At this difficult time, in the East of Ukraine, there is going on a Crimean scenario. Separatists from Lugansk and Donetsk oblast take over state buildings, and make the law enforcement workers to quit. This illegal plot is happening with the help of the local government and with absolutely no activity from the police. The police have to guard the law of Ukraine, its integrity, and its borders. Any inactivity from the side of the police will be considered by the Right Sector as betrayal. Dmitryy Yarosh”

Right Sector Video Statement About Police

“This will happen to everyone who put on a police uniform and refuses to be active in the fight with our enemies, who want to destroy our state system in Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts.

Glory to Ukraine, Glory to Our Heroes

Kyiv should disarm these armed radicals. Then maybe the Eastern Ukrainians will feel comfortable giving up the few arms they have.


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