Watching the signs

When I started this blog, I debated if I would run out of things to say. But God, in all his wonder, continues to teach daily to those who are willing. Today, I want to relate my wife’s view of God’s hand, in “watching the signs”.

She went to work at 9:30am this morning. Upon arriving, she saw one of those miniature bottles of hand lotion, and recognized it as the ones that the Evergreen Hospital uses. The first thing that went through her mind was “Kevin has a doctors appointment today, he’s not in the hospital”. She then left the break room, and went up to the office. They asked her to go to the bank with the deposits from yesterday, and she thought it was odd that they were sending her almost 1 hour and 15 minutes early. But she took her purse from the locker, the deposits, and off she went.

Strangely enough, it was just at that time that the Woodinville EMT was loading me into the Emergency Response Vehicle. I had had my blood pressure drop out, and not only had I just sent her an SMS, but the EMT called her phone.

In Irina’s eyes, she sees that God not only prepared her for the trip to the ER, but he also orchestrated the early trip to the bank. Had she not gone to the bank at that moment, her purse would have sat in her locker for another hour or two, and I would have been long and deep into the hospital ER (where there is no cellular service) by the time she found out. Did I mention that my SMS was too cryptic for her to know what was going on, had she not been able to call at that time?

Sitting in the ER, she related this story to me. As she noted, many people chalk such things up to “coincidence”. However, such coincidences can only be orchestrated by a wise and loving creator.

As my wife does, think about the coincidence next time, and see if you can find the signs God gave you beforehand.

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