Omnipod & Afrezza

From Russia with Omnipod – Afrezza Decision Mistake

I have been in Russia for a bit over a week now. I decided to try to take the “easy” route, and only wear my Omnipod. It seemed it would be easier to carry a few pods and a couple of bottles of regular insulin, instead of the many packages of Afrezza that inherently get questioned at international security. Compared […]

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Inhaled Insulin Afrezza Outsulin

Community Viewpoints: Inhaled Insulin Afrezza (Outsulin)

This blog post is part of the Community Viewpoint series. It talks about how the diabetes healthcare community views the inhaled insulin Afrezza. This is the product Mannkind Corporation calls “Outsulin.” The View of “Outsulin” Healthcare providers I know still have not heard of “Outsulin”. Outsulin is the latest marketing campaign from Mannkind Corporation. The campaign explains “Three hours after you take AFREZZA, your blood sugar returns […]

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Afrezza Status BG Chart

Afrezza Status After Eight Months Usage

I have many requests to update my Afrezza status. This article describes only my health status related to using Afrezza. Later, I will write another article to describe community views I collect. Afrezza Status After 8 Months of Use In March of 2016, my Hemoglobin A1C was above 8. My diabetes was “uncontrolled.” Since then, I am using Tresiba for my basal […]

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Day 13 – Afrezza and Tresiba in Russia

I had a hard time picking the subject of this post. It came down to Afrezza and Tresiba in Russia as they were an easy subject for me. Afrezza and Tresiba an Easy Subject Why are Afrezza and Tresiba as easy subject? It is because life has been simple while in Russia, using these two drugs. I have been able to live a fairly […]

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Afrezza – One Diabetics Rocky Road to Better Control

In my last post, I talked about what Afrezza is, my Type 1 diabetes background, and what Afrezza has done for me in a very short time. My trip to using Afrezza was a rocky road, however. I had done plenty of research on inhaled insulin, other’s experience with Afrezza (and Tresiba, which I now use for my basal insulin, […]

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Afrezza – a Trip to a Healthier Diabetic

What is Afrezza? In short, it is an inhaled insulin created by MannKind Corporation, based on Technosphere technology, and until recently, marketed and distributed by Sanofi. If you want the short story and some rumors surrounding the breakup of Sanofi and MannKind, The Motley Fool has some tidbits you can read. What I will say about Afrezza, is it has greatly […]

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