Flag Of Russia

People of Russia and Crimea – My Experiences

My experience with Russian and Crimean people has always been positive. This hospitality is deeply embedded in their culture and moral values. People Who Are Strangers There are categories of relationships that define how people treat you in Russia and Crimea. I have found these categories of people hold across all the areas of the former Soviet Union that I […]

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Bus ride to Yalta

Bus Ride to Yalta Crimea

One of the things I always recall from visits to Ukraine and Crimea are the bus rides. Usually they are small, 15-20 person vans, that range from full to over-packed. On this Crimean Bus Ride to Yalta, it was enjoyable and comfortable. Usually, it is not so relaxing. Bus Rides in Crimea Normally, this particular route has full bus loads, […]

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Is God lost?

I have had several emails lately, asking me “what happened to God” in my posts. With a blog title that so prominently refers to Him, it seems people believe I have lost sight of the Almighty in what I write.I can assure you… God is still on the throne.Those who know me spiritually know that I am a relatively tolerance based […]

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Accepting of Tolerance in the holidays

I often get called out by Christians as “promoting tolerance.” In reality, yes, I am a tolerant person who believes Christians need to be tolerant of the beliefs of others. We are going to start with a semantic lesson on what tolerance is. Wikipedia probably has the most commonly used definition by Christians: Tolerance is a fair, objective, and permissive […]

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Think first and show respect to all

Ok. I spent a good part of last night listening to God speak to me about my offending a friend by re-posting this Matt Walsh blog. I apologize profusely to my friend. I was disrespectful by not thinking of what consequences my actions would have. My friend is a member of the LGBTQ community, and it was not my intention […]

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Alas, those darn Catholics (or Protestants)

It is interesting to me when I hear the phrase “Christians are their own worst enemies.” We often have battles between denominations, and even label some as “cults”. In my eyes, we need to couple the words of Matthew, “if you ignore the least commandment and teach others to do the same, you will be called least in the Kingdom […]

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