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People of Russia and Crimea – My Experiences

My experience with Russian and Crimean people has always been positive. This hospitality is deeply embedded in their culture and moral values. People Who Are Strangers There are categories of relationships that define how people treat you in Russia and Crimea. I have found these categories of people hold across all the areas of the former Soviet Union that I […]

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Crimean sign Krim Russia

Russian Crimean Status in 2017 Based on an American’s Personal Experience

I see many articles in the West saying how bad things are on the Crimean peninsula, under Russia’s control. Closed businesses, crumbling infrastructure, poor treatment of Tatars, and families unable to visit each other due to the Russia/Ukraine border. All I can say from first-hand experience is that it just is not so. Plight of the Tatars We see Western […]

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Crimea Sunrise 2017

I am lucky enough to enjoy a sunrise in Crimea again. It has been a full year since I last enjoyed the weather and beautiful nature here. After sharing food and wine with family and friends last night, and enjoying a good night’s sleep in the fresh sea air, I am refreshed after the long journey. But morning comes early. Sunrise […]

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Community Viewpoints Health Series

Community Viewpoints: Health Series

Community Viewpoints: A New Health Series This new set of articles is a series that focuses on the views of the health community. This health series focuses on topics like prescription drugs, medical devices, and health education. I usually Tweet on things like this, but 140 characters does not let me give complete community viewpoints. As a result, I started this blog […]

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Unnecessary drugs vs. natural healing

In writing another blog post, which was getting much too left brained, I went down a few rabbit trails. One of them was prescription drugs, and how some can be replaced with real foods that give the same results in a healthier way. Note: I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. See your physician before you […]

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The thorn in my side: my medical journey

The content here was actually part of another post I was writing, but I decided to break it into two posts to separate the subjects a bit. This is more of a chronological list of recent events. Look to some of the links to my previous posts for the stories behind these things. My medical history started back when I […]

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