Community Viewpoints: Health Series

Community Viewpoints: A New Health Series

This new set of articles is a series that focuses on the views of the health community. This health series focuses on topics like prescription drugs, medical devices, and health education. I usually Tweet on things like this, but 140 characters does not let me give complete community viewpoints. As a result, I started this blog series.

The disclaimers and warnings: I am not a medical professional. What I write are my experience and opinion. I am not giving medical advice, hence, the community viewpoints I write about are not medical advice. Therefore, never make changes to your healthcare based on what I write, nor the opinions expressed in these posts. Most of all, know your own body, do research, and seek advice from a healthcare provider that you trust.

Who is my Health Community?

Community” is one of those words that has different meanings to different people. Here, I am referring to the patients, doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers I have contact with.

While I am not a professional healthcare provider, the healthcare field tightly embraces me. The medical device field is my profession. Diabetes and other related autoimmune problems have been in my life for over 50 years. My wonderful wife a healthcare provider working in diabetes, smoking cessation, and weight loss as a healthcare provider.

My inner circle of healthcare providers consists of: 2 endocrinologists, a PharmD certified diabetes educator, a Family Nurse Practitioner, a rheumatologist, and 2 MDs. Some are local to me, and some are half way across the country. These are the people I trust to give me advice on my healthcare.

I also know people at a many clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies.

It is the viewpoints of this group of people who are the basis of my “Community Viewpoints” series.

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