Day 1 – Afrezza and Tresiba in Russia

On the Way to Russia with Afrezza and Tresiba

Quite a day, and finally in the plane. Heading to Paris first, then Moscow to see how the trip goes with Afrezza and Tresiba in Russia. I have a month and a half of Afrezza with me, and a month and a half of Tresiba. I took extra, just to make sure – better to have too much, than not enough, when you cannot buy the product outside the US.

Airport Saga Begins

We got to the Minneapolis airport and found we left the “bag” of Afrezza at home, in the fridge. I made the return trip home to retrieve it, costing an hour and and extra $80 for the driver, while my wife and daughter went thru Security with our carry on bags.

They had a TSA PreChek appointment, but could not get any help finding the TSA office. They even asked TSA officers where the TSA office was, and they told them “you are done already.” I have PreChek already. However, I found out PreChek is not valid on any Air France flight. I figure we all need a good strip search once in a while, but I sure wish the Afrezza did not get left behind. Fortunately, my trip through security was quick and left plenty of time to get to the flight.

Then my wife and daughter’s passports were flagged as “no proper travel documents” at the gate. You would think they would check this when they scan the passport and visa when you check in. Our daughter got overridden, but my wife… we were the last last passengers on the plane.

Afrezza and Tresiba Seem to Win

Stress total? Brought me to a high of 131. Only 4 units of Afrezza should take care of that.

So, what to expect while we are gone, with Type I Diabetes? Not sure. We will have to see what happens.

To be continued…

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